Sydney fun faces artists have always practiced the highest hygiene standards however we have gone a few steps further to provide peace of mind during COVID-19 & cold and flu season. 

Please be advised your artist will be wearing a mask and taking tempter readings for everyones safety if any locally transmitted cases are reported.

We understand it’s possible restrictions could effect your event,

if this is the case then your welcome to postpone your event. Your full non refundable deposit will be offered in credit valid for 3 years. This means you can change the date by a few weeks or book in for next year.

The artist reserves the right to refuse to paint a face if they display any of the following: high temperature, cold sores, cold and flu symptoms, runny noise, watery eyes, cough, open or healing wounds on the face, fear or distress.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding our polices and procedures.