Sydney fun faces artists have always practiced the highest hygiene standards however we have gone a few steps further to provide peace of mind during COVID-19 & cold and flu season. 

Sydney 'HOTSPOTS' where clusters appear will not be serviced, you will have every confidence that your face painter has not been in a suburb described as a hotspot by government officials. If a suburb is declared a hotspot and any staff have entered for work or private purposes within 2 weeks they will undergo a Covid-19 test to ensure they are safe to attend event.


Using a freshly sanitised sponge per person - Never sharing sponges!

for your added protection we use disposable lip wands and cotton tips to apply lipstick and glitters.

3 step brush clean between each customer - Water to remove paint, brush cleaner, fresh water.

Hand sanitizer offered for every client and used between every client.

High quality face painting supplies with antibacterial ingredients. 

Between every shift our kits are cleaned with alcohol and milton.

The artist reserves the right to refuse to paint a face if they display any of the following: cold sores, cold and flu symptoms, runny noise, watery eyes, cough, open or healing wounds on the face, fear or distress.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding our polices and procedures.