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Common Questions & Answers


What type of products do you use?

At Sydney fun faces we pride ourselves in only using the highest quality professional products to ensure your safety. All products used are purchased with care for  your children and our environment in mind.

  • The face paints we use are non- toxic, hypoallergenic, cosmetic grade products.

  • We use brands that are cruelty free & do not test on animals.

  • The loose glitter applied to the face is cosmetic grade, and when possible biodegradable glitter.

  • The Chunky/Disco glitter applied is cosmetic grade and when possible is mixed with a demagogically tested aloe vera base or petroleum jelly base.

  • Our hand made bling is applied with double sided medical grade tape suitable for skin.


Balloon twisting questions

  • Q: Is there a second person to do balloon twisting? 
    A: No, all Sydney fun faces face painters are talented and can do both face painting & basic balloon twisting.


  • Q: Ive booked balloon twisting, will they be premade or made at the event and if so when?
    A: If you have booked balloon twisting your artist will first paint all of your guests faces and then start balloon twisting before the end of your booking.

  • The balloons used are latex balloons made from 100% natural latex meaning they are biodegradable and decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your backyard.

  • Latex balloons are earth friendly and latex harvesting does not hurt our precious trees.


What are Glitter tattoo's?

The newest addition to the Sydney fun faces deluxe packages is optional glitter tattoo's!

Sometimes kids don't want a face paint ,they want a waterproof option for a pool party or there's some extra time booked... your guests can now choose from over 25+ cool stencil designs. Cosmetic grade glitter is applied to the skin with a latex free skin safe glue that can last up to 7 days with care. We can even create custom design stencils for your event just ask Danielle at the time of booking for more details.


What insurances and certifciates do you have?

  • All staff working with Sydney fun faces have a valid Working with children's check as required by Australian law.

  • All staff have $30mil in public liability insurance.

  • Some staff hold extra certificates and experience such as first aid, experience with special needs children.

  • All staff are fully vaccinated for covid-19


Whats the difference between basic & deluxe

  • Basic face painting is fun and colorful with half faced designs similar to what you would receive at your local Bunings or family friendly pub.

  • Deluxe package is WOW! each child can choose from a detailed facepaint designs loaded with beautiful glitters and our custom made face jewels or our glitter tattoos that last up to 7 days. they also receive a balloon twisted into a fun shape!


Do you dress up as characters?

No, Its not because we don't love a super hero outfit or a princess dress but its because we only want to deliver the highest quality face painting for affordable prices. -In order to maintain a variety of high quality costumes it is very expensive and the prices of our hourly face painting will almost double to cover the costs of dry cleaners and seamstresses. lets face it nobody likes a dirty ripped dress more suited to a wicked witch not a princess.


What do i need to provide on the day?

We can bring water, table and chairs if you are unable to provide them.

Only thing we require is an undercover space to set up everything.

We bring a menu board with a range of designs for kids to choose from.


oh no! i need to postpone!

Oh no! Unfortunately things happen and the weather may effect your event or kids can get sick. We understand these are out of your control and if you need to postpone your event due to unavoidable circumstances within 7 days of your event, we in a case by case circumstance can offer your 50% of your deposit to be credited to a new booking with us.

  • Hot tip..... Friendliness is the key :)


Travel Fee's

We are based out of Marsden park, Luckily its nice and easy to jump onto the M7 linking us to most of Sydney. We travel all over and do our best to keep travel fees as low as possible. You will be advised at the time of booking if there is any travel fees. Don't worry for anywhere in the Sydney region the maximum we will charge is $30.00 and anywhere within 20km using non toll roads has no travel fee!

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